The hex colors of the year. You need to know these color trends in web design.

Pantone chooses the color of the year.

Each year.

Pantone is a manufacturer of spot colors for printing. For 15 years you now choose the Pantone color of the year. Marsala calls itself 2015 this earthy wine red, a “strong, but stylish tone” , which “enriches mind, body and soul” .

A marketing gag, of course.

The Pantone color of the year 2015 “Marsala”

The idea of ​​a color of the year is not stupid – so at least marketing technology, content, it probably has no sense. But it does not have to.

Where are the web design colors of the year?

But why does not one of the web designers choose colors?

There are also color trends in web design. So colors, which are used more frequently this year. Colors that often did not play a big role in recent years.

Colors that may not be on “everyone’s” page, but on these modern material flat design pages . On sites that are simple, of course, responsive and perhaps come up with one or the other nice jQuery animation effect.

I was looking for these color trends.

And what can I say, I found some!


The hex color of the year

Two colors / color combinations are left at the end of the search. You might call them the Hexadecimal Colors of 2015″ .

The clear winner is a strong shade of blue.


Yes, a shade of blue. Sure, blue is a color used on a damned lot of websites. Blue is, so to speak, the mother of all company colors.

And this color is actually an old acquaintance. Because it reminds of the standard link color, which exists since the beginning of the World Wide Web:

Die Hex-Farbe des Jahres 2015: #0000ff

The hex color of 2015: # 0000ff

May sound unusual. I admit. Also in my trainings I always say that the link color should be adjusted first, because the standard color is mostly inappropriate .

But exceptions confirm the rule. And there are always and more and more websites that can make friends with this standard blue – or a very obvious color.

And they are fine!

This shade of blue is strong, striking. Almost bright. He takes less back, as most blues make.

No, this blue tone wants to set a signal. As a standard link color, he says, “Hey, here I am. Click me! ” .

As a color in the screen design he shows self-confidence, wants to be present. Do not take back.

Exemplary is the website of the Danish designer Jesper Winther for the use of this modern blue shade:

#0000ff – Die Hex-Farbe des Jahres im Einsatz bei

# 0000ff – The hex color of the year in use at

So much blue you can even leave alone. No further shades or multicolored pictures are needed here as a supplement or support.

More information about this exciting color is provided by the color tool Colorhexa . The brightness gradations of the blue tone, which can provide variety in the design, are really interesting:

Shades of #0000ff

Blue variants

It does not always have to be the exact # 0000ff color. Even (slight) gradations of this show how a strong blue can present itself as a contemporary color. Sometimes a large area, sometimes as a typographic highlight, sometimes as a duplexton for pictures.

In the pure form without further color shades, only with black / gray and above all a lot of white this blue seems to unfold its whole effect.

The following webdesigns underline this “color trend” and confirm the unofficial election for the Hex color of the year:

And if you would like to test out these blue shades in your own screen designs, you should try the following variants in addition to the standard # 0000f:

Verschiedene Blautöne

The Hex Color of the Year – Part 2

Not only the standard blue met me again and again on modern websites. There was also a collection of colors that are best described as “pastel colors”.

Pastel colors are characterized by a high proportion of white. So there are very bright shades, which can be well combined especially with each other. A small search in the picture network Pinterest gives a first color impression:

PInterest Pastelltöne

Pastel colors create a bright and friendly mood. But can certainly be bland and boring. Unlike the blue, they tend to back off.

And unlike the blue, there is not one color here. Rather, one can call the pastel colors as hex colors of the year.

The use of pastel colors on web pages can be divided into two areas. Some prefer a single pastel shade. This is used as a highlight color. The others rely on several pastel shades. Since these are rather subtle, can also be good combine several of them without the design looks too colorful.

As a pastel-colored design of the year, I would label the website of a Danish ceramic manufacturer Helbak , including the associated Hex color values:

Helbak – Pastellfarbene Seite des Jahres