More and more companies are offering quick and easy loans in Mexico with success. Undoubtedly, fast online loans are here to stay and it is not surprising that more and more users prefer them over traditional loans because they represent one of the fastest and most efficient alternatives to borrow money. The facilities in the application process, the flexibility of requirements, the immediacy and efficiency, are some of the characteristics that make them so attractive.

Thus, Mexico has begun to consolidate as an important market for Fintech companies. Due to the increasing number of companies that are successful and consolidate in the country. One of them is Peraloan Mexico.

The company originally from Finland, which currently has a presence in 23 countries, with more than 2 million customers around the world; arrived in Mexico in 2015 and has been consolidated as one of the favorites of the users.


About Peraloan


As indicated above, Peraloan is an international lending company, whose main objective is to become the most important mobile bank in the world.

In its 10 years it has managed to position itself in more than 20 countries, characterized by its transparency, security, ethics and response speed.


Rapid loan services from Peraloan

Rapid loan services from Peraloan

Peraloan offers quick credit services in Mexico, which are distinguished from the other companies by their strength and experience and the amounts offered by the loan. Peraloan Mexico is one of the few companies that offers the possibility of requesting up to $ 25,000 pesos on loan, available to its recurring clients.

For example, if you are a new customer of Feratum loans, you can request up to 5,000, to pay in a period of up to 30 days, if you manage to pay it in time for your second and third application can reach up to $ 4,500, with the same time limit of return of payment.

Once you have been able to pay your third paperless fast loan without time, your fourth application can be more than $ 5,000 and with a maximum of 45 days to pay it.

Finally, your sixth request could amount up to $ 25,000 with the same maximum time of return of the payment, that is, 45 days. It is important to note the importance of timely payment of quick loans to enjoy the gradual increase in your application.

Requirements for fast loans at Peraloan

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Like the other fast credit companies in Mexico, the requirements that Peraloan requires are minimal: have a minimum of 21 years, have a bank account and personal account statement whether it is payroll or savings, have a credit history healthy, have your national identification (INE / IFE) up to date, as well as have a mobile phone.

Unlike other fast-loan companies in Mexico, having an email is not an essential requirement to be able to enjoy the benefits of Peraloan loans.


Advantages of fast loans at Peraloan

Advantages of fast loans at Peraloan

  • Speed ​​of response, once the request is received within a period of only two hours you may have a response and in less than 24 hours the money in your bank account.
  • You can make the request either from your mobile device or on a computer.
  • Fixed rate of loan fees.
  • Easy and simple registration form to fill out.

These are some of the other advantages in the use of this fast loan provider, but remember, make responsible use of these loans, do it if you are really in the ability to return the payment on time and thus avoid any subsequent inconvenience.