Online merchant cash advance -Search for merchant advance funding? It is here

Search for merchant advance funding? It is here 

In the face of cash needs for business, merchants must resort to different models of loans. Sometimes, the requirements do not convince the merchant and other times it is difficult to get credit quickly and without paperwork in the traditional way. For these cases, we offer cash advance loans for business, whose destination can be as varied as the needs of the applicants.

This type of business loan consists of an advance of liquid capital to cover any investment that may imply a growth of the company, in exchange for a percentage of future sales paid by card payments, by customers.

If you head to the site for these commercial cash advances, you will find that they may well cover unexpected expenses, they are a convenient and easy-to-obtain source of capital.

Business recipients of cash advances

This product from Howard has been designed with a specific focus on independent businesses, which accept credit cards as a means of payment and generate a global sales volume of at least $ 5,000 (including cash).

Likewise, they are businesses that have a minimum operating period of six months, without changing premises. Specifically designed for merchants who prefer to acquire a business loan in the capital, based on their own profitability instead of other aspects such as personal assets or credit history.

The profile of these businesses is, in addition, of companies that recognize the convenience of aligning cash flow balances related to their source of capital and value access to this capital in a convenient, flexible and simple way.

The simplicity of getting a commercial cash advance

Howard operates with this system of cash advance in several States, such as Florida, California, New York, Texas, Illinois or Puerto Rico and in many different cities of those States, in addition to Washington. For example, if you need loans for business in Miami, Howard offers you a cash advance for merchants, in exchange for a percentage on future sales with cards, with the following rules:
• To calculate the refund, the current sales volume of business cards is taken as a basis, as well as projected sales, both credit, and debit, of all brands.
• The capital can be used in any business need, either to cover expenses or make investments. The total sum of these cash advances ranges from $ 1,000 per establishment.
• Once the agreement has been sealed, the card reader sends to Howard, automatically, the percentage marked in advance. If so, it is not necessary to make monthly payments or remember the due date. The loan ends when Howard receives the total amount fixed.
• The percentage of return is always the same, does not change because one day was better or worse in sales through the cards.
• Applying for these instant money loans in advance is a simple process like registering.

The benefits of requesting commercial cash advances

The advantages of applying for a fast and paperless credit of this type of cash advance are very evident. Among them, we can highlight:
• Its high approval rating, expanding the possibilities of using its services, for any business.
• The procedure is totally transparent, with no hidden fees, no fixed fees or pre-established monthly payments.
• The application process is simple, without many formalities and it is not necessary to have a guarantee or guarantee, own or by others.
• The approval is effective on the same day and the disbursement is made within 48 hours. Better yet, if the applicant is already a client, then he receives the disbursement in less than 24 hours.
• There is no need to justify the investment, nor are there limitations to use, according to the needs of each business.
• The great advantage, without a doubt, is that the loan itself is only paid each time the customer receives a payment, guaranteeing a much less complicated return.

Requirements and necessary documentation

As a unique requirement for the request of the cash advance, there is a need for the business to remain active for at least four months, with bank income of more than $ 5,000 per month, with an active bank account and a credit score. greater than the 550 indexes.

The necessary documentation consists of the official application, completely filled in and signed, the last four bank account and credit card processing statements (if available), a copy of the driver’s license, the business check and the lease agreement. local and most recent tax return, in case of the loan exceeding $ 50,000.