Guide to the small loans

Are you a civil servant or a pensioner? Do you need liquidity to meet unexpected expenses in the short and / or long term? Here is the best solution to meet your financial needs, contact ; now part of the Management of Public Employees, you can request a multi-year and / or short-term loan: through the contributions of the public servants in service who constantly feed, the pension fund is able to have the availability of money to provide loans to the public sector and / or to retirees from former public employment .

The amount of money you need must be declared at the time the application for the loan is presented to the competent public administration where the public service is provided.

What they consist of and the requirements for loan applicants


The form of financing requested by the public employment and / or pensioners enrolled in the unitary management of credit and social benefits is nothing more than a type of personal loan that is provided to all those who need a capital to be able to face with tranquility and security the expenses concerning the purchase of a car, of a real estate, to finance the expenses of the children related to education and / or marriage, medical expenses, building renovation.

At the time of submitting the request for the request for the loan , at the same time, it is necessary to attach the documentation to allow a correct assessment and to allow the pension fund to carry out the necessary routine checks on the health status of the creditworthiness of the applicant.

Whoever requests a loan, as per the Regulations , must possess certain personal, moral and above all economic requirements, all of which can be ascertained and documented: the public employee or the retired person, in addition to being registered in the Unit for credit and social benefits , must having paid 4 years of contributions in the same administration and must have a permanent employment contract .

These requisites are relevant for the success of the positive outcome of the loan disbursement and mortgage loans agreement; in fact, it must immediately be noted that not all employees of the civil service are hired with permanent employment contracts, especially in recent times of crisis and of hiring of civil servants, so the social security institution has tried to satisfy also the requests of those who are hired with a fixed-term employment contract .

Even the latter can benefit from the loans and / or mortgages provided by the former only if the employment relationship lasts more than three years and the severance indemnity must be a form of guarantee.

loans request: documents necessary to proceed with the application forwarding


The public service worker who wants to request and obtain the guaranteed loan must submit the following documentation to the public body for which he works and is competent:

  • application form in 4 models,
  • pay slip and certification of the service provided with details of the number of years,
  • a medical certificate attesting to the state of health of the applicant of not more than 45 days from the time of issue by the doctor appointed by the competent public administration or by a doctor.

The documentation must be attached to the application certifying the state of need and any expenses depending on the motivation provided for in the Regulations and a medical certificate of sound physical constitution (issued by a doctor of the ASL, by a medical officer in service activity, by a doctor appointed by the public body on which the applicant depends, no later than 45 days before the submission of the application to the Management of Public Employees 

Contractual durations and costs


Loan applicants can pay off the debt in 5 or 10 years , respectively in 60 or 120 monthly installments , payable in a portion not exceeding 1/5 of the salary or pension; it is in fact loans with salary assignment , in which the monthly payment cannot exceed the value of 1/5 of the applicant’s monthly salary or net pension. A fixed interest rate is required, with an annual value of 3.50% (TAN) but with a percentage for administrative expenses (0.50%), and one for risk funds .

These are loans intended as five-year loans required to cover the costs of natural disasters robbery, theft or fire, removal for family reasons or transfer to another place of employment of the public employee, condominium works of the house of ownership in which the member resides , ordinary maintenance costs of the residence, expenses for installing renewable energy systems, such as a photovoltaic system, purchase of a car, birth of a child or adoption of a child, marriage of a member or child, registration with postgraduate courses of at least two years.

The ten-year loans can, on the other hand, be requested to finance the redemption costs of social housing or public housing, purchase of a house in a cooperative, purchase of a home destined for residence, construction of a home destined for residence, early repayment or reduction of a mortgage, extraordinary maintenance, restoration or renovation of the house owned.