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Best mortgage lending for 2017: Customers are well advised here

The best mortgage lending for 2017 is not only the lowest interest, but also a fair advice. That is why customers of banks and financial service providers came up with a current test on real estate financing. They assessed which provider really is a strong partner in realizing the house wish.

According to the current Focus-Money test (47/2016), the best mortgage lending for 2017 must be “fair and cooperative”. Even though there are currently offers with very favorable interest rates almost everywhere, interest rates and repayment terms are not the only ones that matter . The bank should be able to quickly and competently provide answers to questions, make products flexible and adjust the house financing according to the requirements of the customer – and not vice versa. In order to provide future homeowners with an overview of which building loan providers offer the best all-round package for customer orientation and reliable advice, ServiceValue has commissioned Focus-Money to survey almost 1,900 customers from 25 providers .

Best mortgage lending for 2017: 15 out of 25 are fair

In the construction financing test, 15 out of 25 providers can achieve a good or very good result . In terms of overall results, six banks and financial service providers score top marks and thus offer the best mortgage lending for 2017 in terms of fairness. Particularly noteworthy: Sparda banks and Interhyp can be tested in all five categories (product range, customer service, customer communication, customer service and price Performance ratio) each achieve a very good rating.

Best mortgage lending for 2017:

  • accedo
  • ING-DiBa
  • Interhyp
  • PSD banks
  • Sparda-Banks
  • Volks and / or Raiffeisen banks

Tip: Which providers convince with particularly good conditions, shows the Baufinanzierung Test 2017 Stiftung Warentest. Who exactly compares, can save up to 30,000 euros.

Older borrowers at a disadvantage: New directive should be changed again

For some time, some people have more difficulty obtaining a mortgage loan . Because since March 21, 2016, the new residential real estate credit directive applies. Among other things, it requires banks and intermediaries to pay more attention to the likelihood that the borrower can repay the loan when lending. In the case of the elderly, this leads to the inclusion of pension entitlements at the discretion of the creditworthiness. Other collateral, such as your own home, are no longer taken into account . Anyone who already receives a pension has since then hardly a chance to easily get a building loan.

Now Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Maas (SPD) checks whether this can not be countered . Although the EU directive had to be transposed into national law. However, “this undesirable effect is abolished, and fast,” said Maas the Rhenish Post. The minister is therefore in coordination with the Federal Ministry of Finance. This would allow older people in the future easier to get loans, for example, for the age-appropriate conversion of their four walls.